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            公司资料Corporate Information

            ManpowerGroup > Corporate Information

            董事会成员及高管团队Directors and Senior Management

            ManpowerGroup > Directors and Senior Management


            ManpowerGroup > Prospectus

            公告及通函Announcements and Circulars

            ManpowerGroup > Announcements and Circulars

            财务报告Financial Reports

            ManpowerGroup > Financial Reports

            公司推介投影片Corporate Presentations

            ManpowerGroup > Corporate Presentations

            企业管治Corporate Governance

            ManpowerGroup > Corporate Governance

            投资者查询Investor Relations Contacts

            ManpowerGroup > Investor Relations Contacts

            Investor Relations Contacts

            Serena Li

            The Wonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings Limited

            • Address: 9/F, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
            • Email: manpowergrc@wsfg.hk