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            公司资料Corporate Information

            ManpowerGroup > Corporate Information

            董事会成员及高管团队Directors and Senior Management

            ManpowerGroup > Directors and Senior Management


            ManpowerGroup > Prospectus

            公告及通函Announcements and Circulars

            ManpowerGroup > Announcements and Circulars

            财务报告Financial Reports

            ManpowerGroup > Financial Reports

            公司推介投影片Corporate Presentations

            ManpowerGroup > Corporate Presentations

            企业管治Corporate Governance

            ManpowerGroup > Corporate Governance

            投资者查询Investor Relations Contacts

            ManpowerGroup > Investor Relations Contacts

            Corporate Informations

            • Registered Office

              PO Box 309
              Ugland House
              Grand Cayman
              Cayman Islands

              Head Office in the PRC

              36/F, Xin Mei Union Square
              No. 999, Pudong Road (S)
              Pudong District, Shanghai

              Principal Place of Business in Hong Kong

              Rooms 2303-04, 9 Chong Yip Street
              Kwun Tong, Kowloon
              Hong Kong

            • Joint Company Secretaries

              Ms. TSUI Sum Yi
              Ms. GAO Xingyue

              Authorized Representatives

              Mr. YUAN Jianhua
              Ms. TSUI Sum Yi

              Compliance Advisor

              Orient Capital (Hong Kong) Limited

              Hong Kong Share Registrar

              Principal Bankers

              Shanghai Securities Building branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
              The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

              Company’s Website