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            睿仕管理Right Management

            ManpowerGroup > Right Management

            培訓與發展Training and Development

            ManpowerGroup > Training and Development

            政府及公共部門解决方案Government and Public Sector Solutions

            ManpowerGroup > Government and Public Sector Solutions

            Government and Public Sector Solutions

            Our Government and Public Sector Solutions are committed to providing consulting services to local government and to other public sectors. This dimension of our services includes, but is not limited to, research on urgently-needed professionals, talent introduction and industrial park development.

            • Government and Public Sector Services

              We work with government and public sector services in order to conduct research on HR synergy strategies that fulfill industrial upgrading; also, to provide consulting services for industrial upgrading planning and decision-making.
              We provide consulting service for Human Resources industrial parks in respect to functionality, operations, and development.
              We perform research on Human Resources sectors that provides support to both government and public sectors in respect to optimized restructuring.
            • Industrial Insights

              We study the ecosystem and life-cycle of the HR service industry, including industrial restructuring, transforming, and upgrading.
              We provide our clients with insights into building a human capital value chain, thereby enabling organizations to transform themselves for ever-greater success within the persistently changing world of work.